Food Vendor Information

All food vendors must secure a food permit from the City of Alvin. This can be done at 1505 South Gordon St. in Alvin any time between 8 AM and 6 PM Monday through Thursday in person. City of Alvin offices are closed on Fridays. 

Please do not ask us to give exclusive rights to any product that you sell. We, as volunteers raising money for our community will do our best to limit vendors selling like items to further the success of all participants at this event. 

You MUST arrive between 7 AM and 7:30 AM to get placement inside the event. Water access is limited but is available. You must furnish your own water hoses and extension cords as needed. 
Prices required to be posted in public view.

The cost for the event is $150 per 12' X 12' space. Make checks payable to the Alvin Rotary Club and mail to: 
Alvin Rotary House
 1304 S. Johnson
Alvin, Texas 77511 
Attn: Sharon Dickerson
Text: (713) 542-2062 

Name: _____________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________ 

Address: __________________________________ Email: _________________________________ 

Food to be served *: ________________________________________________________________________________