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Alvin Rotary Club Gunfighters

The Alvin Rotary Club gunfighters have been a part of Frontier Day activities since 1976. They engage in "pretend" western saloon fights, bank robberies and even an occasional train robbery. In all the scenarios, they always ensure that the "good guys" win.

Gun safety is an important part of the Alvin Rotary Gunfighters routine. When appropriate, as with younger audiences, gun safety practices are taught.

The Alvin Rotary Club gunfighters are available to entertain at your club function. Contact us to schedule an event.
Alvin Rotary Club gunfighters Don Braddock, Ameal Mentzel, Bill Bitner, Rodney Allbright, Buddy Lindsey and Cheramy Meyer entertain at the Rotary Youth Exchange Banquet.